Our Demands


Living Wages and Targeted/Local Hiring

  •  Prevailing Wages/benefits for maintenance, engineering, and security jobs,
  •  75% of total hires, 55% of construction hires, from local or adjacent zip codes, including people who are unemployed, underemployed, have backgrounds, or are people with disabilities.

Affordable Housing

  • At least 30% of total units affordable for the life of the building
  • 1/3 of affordable units should 50% AMI, 1/3 40% AMI, 1/3 30% AMI.
  • 30% of total affordable units at least 2 bedrooms, 10% of total affordable units at least 3 bedrooms.

Community Control/Negotiation

  • Before developers can get access to Zoning changes, New Construction permits, or public resources, they need to negotiate a community benefits agreement with community members, elected by their neighbors, who would benefit from
  • the provisions stated above.
  • This means:  unemployed or underemployed Chicagoans, or Chicagoans making 30-50% of the AMI.